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About New Zealand

  1. Q: What are the New Zealand road rules?
    A: New Zealand has some unique road rules. Make sure you understand the rules by checking the New Zealand Transport Agency website before you start driving. Once you've studied the rules then go to Driving Tests website to check your knowledge (for free).
  2. Q: How do I find out more information about NZ?
    A: You can find more information, including seasons, public holidays, best times to travel and suggested itineraries on the Planning pages of our website. Also, check out the Tourism New Zealand’s official website.
  3. Q: What is the cost of fuel?
    A: Because all our campervans are built on high performing European vehicles, they are particularly fuel efficient using between 9 litres/100km (26mpg) and 11 litres/100km (21mpg). They all run on diesel which is cheaper than petrol in New Zealand. More about NZ fuel prices
  4. Q: Are there sandflies in NZ?
    A: Yes, particularly in wet areas such as Fiordland, so don't forget to pack some insect repellent. Legend has it that on the West Coast of the South Island some are big enough to carry away small people! (NB: if you are under 40kg and shorter than 4ft, bring weights and insect repellent...)
  5. Q: Are there any snakes, crocodiles or dangerous spiders in NZ?
    A: Rest assured there are no snakes or crocodiles. We do have one poisonous spider (the Katipo) - sightings of which are about as common as that of the Yeti. The most dangerous creature you are likely to encounter is a grumpy possum.
  6. Q: What is the easiest way to stay in touch with friends and family back home?
    A: In the past couple of years, it's got much easier to connect with home during your tour of New Zealand. You can avoid international roaming charges when you text or make voice calls by purchasing a prepay mobile handset from us. We even have WiFi for our motorhomes so everyone onboard can connect their laptop or mobile device. Check our extras and accessories page for more information.
  7. Q: Can I use my mobile phone while driving in New Zealand?
    A: No, it is illegal.
  8. Q: Is it safe to drink the water everywhere in New Zealand?
    A: Tap water is safe to drink in most areas. In isolated areas, look out for signs saying that the tap water is not suitable for drinking. Boil, filter or chemically treat water from lakes or rivers before drinking to protect yourself from Giardia, a water-borne parasite that causes diarrhoea. If you are planning to do a lot of hiking, you should consider purchasing a water filter available from most good outdoor stores.
  9. Q: Do I need a plug adapter?
    A: new_zealand_power_plugNew Zealand power outlets accept plugs with two flat oblique blades, with a vertical ground (or inverted V). Very few other countries use this format, so you will probably need a travel plug adapter.
  10. Q: Will I need a voltage converter?
    A: Electricity supply voltage is 240 volts, with a frequency of 50Hz. Most of our campervans have a 600W inverter that converts electricity from 12V to 240V. If you are planning on travelling with a device that does not accept this, you should consider bringing your own voltage converter.
  11. Q: What are supermarket opening hours? Can I buy groceries on public holidays?
    A: Supermarket opening hours vary but most are open from early in the morning until evening (some are even 24 hours). Yes, you can buy groceries on public holidays in most places. Check with our team when you pick up your motorhome if you’re travelling on a public holiday and want to know about a particular location.
  12. Q: Are the locals friendly?
    A: Absolutely! In fact, the locals, aka 'Kiwis', are the friendliest people in the world. You will find shopkeepers, bartenders, and even people on the street stopping to talk to you and offer you help and advice to make your visit more enjoyable. Kiwis are generally relaxed, trustworthy, and just plain nice!

What’s Included:

Rental costs include unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance (excess/deductible applies), airport transfers, linen, cutlery, crockery, and other kitchen equipment, full gas bottle, touring assistance, and Goods & Services Tax.

Payment Methods

You can also pay by bank transfer. For more information, contact our Adventure Support Team.


You can speed up your motorhome pick up process by logging on to my booking page and entering your details before you arrive. As soon as you have arranged your flights into Auckland or Christchurch, enter your pick up details so we can arrange your free transfer to our base.
You can add optional extras and driver licence details on my booking page as well.

terms & conditions
  • Unlike other motorhome vendors, we won’t deduct a bond from your credit card at pick up if you decide not to take our insurance
  • We don’t have a list of "restricted roads"
  • We don’t charge ridiculous administration fees

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