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Choosing Your Motorhome

  1. Q: I’ve never driven a motorhome before. What is it like?
    A: All our campervans drive like cars. They are lightweight, have high performing turbo diesel engines, and all the added features of a modern European vehicle including ABS and airbags. 
  2. Q: How old are your vehicles?
    A: Wilderness vehicles are aged between zero and four years old with an average age of three years. The maximum vehicle mileage is 300,000 km.
  3. Q: Which is the right motorhome for me?
    A: This will depend on how many people are travelling, whether you like manual or automatic transmission, how much space you require and what amenities you need. Check out our Compare Models page to compare campervans and see which is right for you.
  4. Q: Do you have any vehicles with automatic transmission?
    A: Yes. All our new motorhomes have an automatic transmission. 
  5. Q: Are your campervans suitable for freedom camping?
    A: All our campervans are certified self contained. This means they have been approved for freedom camping in places where freedom camping is permitted. A self-contained motorhome has a toilet and enough fresh water and waste water storage for three days of camping. While freedom camping is a wonderful way to experience the backblocks of our country, care must be taken to respect the camping policies of each community and minimize the impact of your stop over on our natural resources. Find out more about freedom camping.
  6. Q: What is the maximum number of people that can travel in a motorhome?
    A: It depends on which motorhome you hire – every passenger must have a seatbelt. Compare our campervans to see which would be the best for you.
  7. Q: Do the vehicles have a safe for my valuables?
    A: All our vehicles are equipped with a cash box to store small valuables and cash. In addition, most glove compartments in the vehicles are lockable, so that you can store bigger items as well.
  8. Q: Do they come with a GPS system? How will I find my way around?
    A: All our campervans and motorhomes come with a comprehensive touring atlas that includes detailed maps with campsites and points of interest marked, travel time and distance calculator, National Park visitor guide, as well as Department of Conservation campsite and motorhome dump station listings. It is a valuable navigational and activity planning resource. You can also hire a portable GPS unit loaded with New Zealand maps. The GPS unit is included when you take full cover insurance or can be added for a small daily charge if you prefer lower insurance coverage.
  9. Q: Do your SIM cards come with pre-loaded credit? Is data included?
    A: You can order and pay for a SIM card on My Booking page then collect the card at pick up. Choose from SIM card only or pre-loaded SIM card with talk, text, and data bundle. You can top up your card online or purchase a top up card at a supermarket, gas station, or one of many outlets all over New Zealand. Find out more on our extras & accessories page.
  10. Q: Can I bring my suitcase and will it fit in the campervan?
    A: Rigid suitcases are difficult to store in a motorhome, so we suggest you pack your luggage into soft bags that can be easily folded away. An alternative is to unpack the contents of your suitcases into the motorhome and store your suitcases at our base for a small fee (the fee is waived if you select our All Inclusive Insurance). Our luggage storage is only applicable to return trips.
  11. Q: Can I bring my pet?
    A: No, pets are not allowed in any of our vehicles.
  12. Q: Can I smoke in any of your motorhomes?
    A: Sorry, no smoking!
  13. Q: Are the motorhomes suitable for wheelchair access?
    A: Our vehicles are not suited for wheelchair use.
  14. Q: Which motorhome should I choose if I want to freedom-camp?
    A: All Wilderness campervans and motorhomes are certified self-contained (a requirement for wild camping in many regions) so you can take any of them freedom camping. Our vehicles meet the ablutionary and sanitary needs of the occupants for at least three days, are equipped with water storage tanks for drinking and cooking and have waste water holding tanks.
  15. Q: How long will the batteries last before I need to plug in again?
    A: It really depends on what appliances you’re using and how often, and also how often you drive around (as that helps charge the vehicle’s house battery). Visit our Compare our campervan Model page to find out more about the power setup and battery capacity of each of our vehicles. In general our vehicles are made to be able to use all facilities without being plugged in for up to 48 hours without driving during this period. If you are driving once a day for a longer period of time, it will recharge the batteries and you won't see the battery levels coming down much. However we do recommend to stay overnight at a powered site every second or third night to fully recharge the batteries - just in case you don't drive enough to fully recharge them.
  16. Q: What works when I’m not plugged in to a power supply?
    A: The house battery powers the fridge and the lights in the living compartment as well as the water pump and DVD player. Mains power is mostly required to operate the microwave, as well as anything that needs to be plugged into the power points such as a computer or phone charger. Also note that appliances requiring more than 600W of power can’t be used in a campervan. It pays to check your hairdryer, straightener or curling tongs as these often require more than 600W.
  17. Q: Is there heating in the motorhomes?
    A: All Wilderness campervans and motorhomes have at least one heater, either a thermostatically controlled gas or diesel heater or a small electric heater. We recommend selecting a campervan with a gas or diesel heater if you’re travelling in the winter. Check out our campervan models to see which would suit you best.
  18. Q: Do the motorhomes have ipod/MP3 connection?
    A: You can connect your iPod, MP3 player or iPhone in most of our campervans and motorhomes. Some have a connection in the driver's cab and some in the rear entertainment system using the 3.5mm lead supplied. For more detailed information on the entertainment setup in each motorhome, download the Vehicle Specifications PDF which is at the bottom of the Specs tab section on each Vehicle page.
  19. Q: Do you supply child seats?
    A: We have baby seats, booster seats and also baby high chairs available for hire for a small fee. Read our extras & accessories page for more information.
  20. Q: Where do babies sleep in the vehicles?
    A: Most campervans and motorhomes have very restricted floor space so the standard travel cot is too big. We may have other options. Please contact our team for more information.
  21. Q: Do any of the vehicles have a bike rack?
    A: You can fit a bike rack to most of our motorhomes. We also have top quality bikes to rent so you can take advantage of the wonderful network of biking trails throughout New Zealand. For some great suggestions to get you started, check out our biking page. 
  22. Q: Do the vehicles come with hairdryer or ironing board?
    A: No, our vehicles don’t come with a hairdryer or ironing boards. Hairdryers and straighteners are not part of the real Kiwi camping scene (most Kiwis just put on a hat). However, if you really need one, you should hire a motorohome with a power inverter (refer to Power in the Specs section on each Vehicles page). Then you can bring your own and plug it into the motorhome. In fact, if your motorhome has an inverter, you can plug in any appliance e.g. laptop or phone charger while free camping as long as they are less than 600W. To use appliances greater than 600W (such as a hairdryer) the vehicle will need to be plugged into a 240V power supply at a campground. New Zealand power outlets accept plugs with two flat oblique blades, with a vertical ground (or inverted V). Very few other countries use this format, so you will probably need a travel plug adapter. You can buy these at the airport and at most electrical stores or the Warehouse will have cheap adaptors too. You’ll be the most beautiful campervanner on the road!

What’s Included:

Rental costs include unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance (excess/deductible applies), airport transfers, linen, cutlery, crockery, and other kitchen equipment, full gas bottle, touring assistance, and Goods & Services Tax.

Payment Methods

You can also pay by bank transfer. For more information, contact our Adventure Support Team.


You can speed up your motorhome pick up process by logging on to my booking page and entering your details before you arrive. As soon as you have arranged your flights into Auckland or Christchurch, enter your pick up details so we can arrange your free transfer to our base.
You can add optional extras and driver licence details on my booking page as well.

terms & conditions
  • Unlike other motorhome vendors, we won’t deduct a bond from your credit card at pick up if you decide not to take our insurance
  • We don’t have a list of "restricted roads"
  • We don’t charge ridiculous administration fees

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