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  1. Q: How do I dump my waste?
    A: Free dump stations are dotted all around the country at campgrounds and gas stations. A copy of the dump station guide is included in the onboard touring atlas in all Wilderness vehicles. We will give you a “dry run” during your vehicle familiarization tour when you pick up. If you want some tips on how NOT to dump your waste water, watch the movie Runaway Vacation!
  2. Q: How do I empty the toilet cassette?
    A: If you are wondering how messy it really is to empty the toilet cassette in the vehicle, have a look at this video on Wilderness’ YouTube channel that Mary and her husband Eric shot on their last campervan will be positively surprised.
  3. Q: How do a portable toilet and solar shower work?
    A: The portable toilet is a compact and easy to use toilet designed for camping. It has a detachable seat on top of a water flush tank and a toilet bowl. The waste holding tank is below. The level indicator shows when the tank needs to be emptied. A lever at the rear makes for easy removal of the waste tank for emptying. The portable toilet is stored under the seat when not in use. You can use the portable toilet inside the vehicle, just draw the curtains for privacy.
    A solar shower is a convenient outdoor shower designed for camping. The bag is filled with water then rests on the vehicle roof when you’re at camp so it can absorb heat from the sun. A flexible plastic tube at the bottom of the bag allows you to direct the water, and the shower head with shut off valve means you can adjust the water flow. Once heated, you simply stand under it and use the plastic tube to direct the flow of hot water over your body. All commercial campgrounds have hot showers so the solar shower is intended for wilderness camping in locations with no facilities.
  4. Q: Will I be able to start my motorhome in the morning if I leave the fridge going all night?
    A: Yes. Our motorhomes have a dual 12V battery system: one battery designated to start the engine and the other to run the fridge/freezer, water pump and lighting. When the engine is running the batteries are charged. When the engine is turned off they are isolated so no matter how long you leave the fridge running you will always be able to start the engine.
  5. Q: Are there any roads that Wilderness campers are not allowed to travel on?
    A: We don't have a "black list" of roads that our insurance doesn't cover. That's why we're called Wilderness Motorhomes - we want you to get into the wilderness. You will be covered by our policy on DOC campsite access roads and all other named roads. You are not covered if you travel on a beach, through a river or salt water, or on a road that is in such poor condition that it damages the vehicle. We strongly recommend you choose to add the Full Cover Insurance option to your rental to make sure you are covered in case of any damages to the vehicle.
  6. Q: Can I take a Wilderness campervan to a ski area?
    A: Absolutely! Our insurance cover doesn’t exclude you from driving on ski access roads. For more information, check out our winter warning section.
  7. Q: Should I pre-book camping sites?
    A: For all but the two weeks after Christmas and holiday weekends over summer as well as the Easter holidays, campground reservations are not usually required for camping in New Zealand. Our camping page has more information about campsites.
  8. Q: Do I have to stay at a campsite or can I camp wherever I want?
    A: Most local authorities have bylaws which restrict wild camping to specific areas. Most also require that your campervan is designed to have a minimal impact on the New Zealand environment. Don't just assume you can wild camp anywhere - always ask someone who knows and check for no overnight camping signs. You’ll find the most comprehensive source of information about where you can in New Zealand including free and wild camping sites on the “I Respect New Zealand” webpage. Or visit our camping page for more.
  9. Q: Can I drive my Wilderness motorhome in my Australian or English rugby jersey?
    A: Not a chance - it is absolutely forbidden (but we will lend you an All Blacks one instead).

What’s Included:

Rental costs include unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance (excess/deductible applies), airport transfers, linen, cutlery, crockery, and other kitchen equipment, full gas bottle, touring assistance, and Goods & Services Tax.

Payment Methods

You can also pay by bank transfer. For more information, contact our Adventure Support Team.


You can speed up your motorhome pick up process by logging on to my booking page and entering your details before you arrive. As soon as you have arranged your flights into Auckland or Christchurch, enter your pick up details so we can arrange your free transfer to our base.
You can add optional extras and driver licence details on my booking page as well.

terms & conditions
  • Unlike other motorhome vendors, we won’t deduct a bond from your credit card at pick up if you decide not to take our insurance
  • We don’t have a list of "restricted roads"
  • We don’t charge ridiculous administration fees

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