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  1. Q: When is New Zealand’s busy tourist season?
    A: The summer months (December through to March) are the busiest times of the year for tourism. As well as international visitors, many New Zealanders take their holidays from December 26th (Boxing Day) for approximately three weeks. This period is typically the peak of the season while Easter and school holidays can also be very busy.
  2. Q: I’m thinking about travelling in winter. Am I crazy?
    A: No way. In fact, the winter is a great time to travel. It’s much cheaper (winter rates are less than half of summer rates) and quieter and you can enjoy snow sports. But you’ve got to be in a winterized vehicle to be comfortable. All of our motorhomes are designed for four seasons. They drive like a car not a truck and have excellent traction, a superb ABS braking system and a low centre of gravity which will see you firmly grounded to the roads. The efficient diesel or gas heater, SL grade polystyrene insulation and thermal backed curtains will keep you toasty warm day and night without having to plug into mains power. Not to mention a hot shower, and drying room. Unlike electric heaters, a diesel heater can be used 24/7 and even while you are driving. The unique drying room keeps the moisture out ensuring warm, dry and fresh smelling clothes day after day - we promise. For more information, check out our winter warning section.
  3. Q: How far should I travel in a day?
    A: Our motto is “drive less, see more”. Whether you’re planning a mini break, relaxing getaway, or lengthy sojourn, we recommend travelling no more than 200km/day on average. See our suggestions of NZ road trip itineraries.
  4. Q: Should I set off as soon as I arrive or spend a night in hotel accommodation first?
    A: If you are arriving on a long-haul flight, we strongly recommend you spend a night in a hotel to catch up on some sleep. Often people think they have had a good rest on the plane but chances are you still have tired eyes and driving isn't the best option. If you are arriving from elsewhere in New Zealand or from the land of dingoes, you should be okay to hit the roads on the same day.
  5. Q: Can you recommend a hotel to stay in at the start or conclusion of our holiday?
    A: Absolutely. Check out a range of accommodation options recommended by our team on our Auckland and Christchurch pages.
  6. Q: Can I travel one way?
    A: Yes - New Zealand’s geography is perfectly suited to one way travel as the country is long and relatively narrow. If you have some flexibility with your pick up or drop off location, you may be able to save money on your New Zealand holiday if you head in the opposite direction to other tourists. Check our Rates & Dates tool for our best rates. Make sure you check both Auckland and Christchurch locations. Our itineraries page has some great trip ideas.
  7. Q: Do I need to prebook my flight Auckland-Christchurch or vice versa?
    A: The airfares between Auckland and Christchurch are fairly inexpensive if you do not leave it to the last minute to book. You have two choices of airlines between the two destinations: Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Fares vary all the time (also many times per day), which also means you can get a quote for a high fare if you are requesting the flight far in advance compared to a requesting for example one month in advance.
  8. Q: Can I collect a motorhome or return it at any destination other than Auckland or Christchurch?
    A: You can collect or return your motorhome from Auckland or Christchurch only.
  9. Q: What days am I able to pick up and drop off my motorhome?
    A: You can pick up and drop off on any day other than Christmas Day (December 25). Check out our Auckland and Christchurch pages for more information about pick up and drop offs.
  10. Q: How do I get to your base from the airport?
    A: Visit the relevant page on our website for information on our Auckland and Christchurch bases. You’ll find maps on these pages. We provide complimentary transfers from Auckland or Christchurch airports to our base.
  11. Q: Can I leave my car at your base while I’m away?
    A: This depends on the time of the year you are travelling and the location you would like to leave it. Please contact us for more details.
  12. Q: Can I leave my luggage at your base?
    A: You can leave your suitcases with us while you are travelling for a small charge.  If you select our All Inclusive insurance, the luggage storage fee is waived.


What’s Included:

Rental costs include unlimited kilometers, comprehensive insurance (excess/deductible applies), airport transfers, linen, cutlery, crockery, and other kitchen equipment, full gas bottle, touring assistance, and Goods & Services Tax.

Payment Methods

You can also pay by bank transfer. For more information, contact our Adventure Support Team.


You can speed up your motorhome pick up process by logging on to my booking page and entering your details before you arrive. As soon as you have arranged your flights into Auckland or Christchurch, enter your pick up details so we can arrange your free transfer to our base.
You can add optional extras and driver licence details on my booking page as well.

terms & conditions
  • Unlike other motorhome vendors, we won’t deduct a bond from your credit card at pick up if you decide not to take our insurance
  • We don’t have a list of "restricted roads"
  • We don’t charge ridiculous administration fees

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