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Escape 4

We've done away with compromise

Day-time Layout

Forget about making up your bed every night, the Escape has a permanent double bed. The front pilot seats swivel around to give you additional seating in the dining area. The spacious bathroom is half as big again as a standard 4-berth motorhome.

Night-time Layout

Both beds have thick memory foam super flex mattresses for the ultimate comfortable sleep. The second double bed conveniently folds up into the ceiling when not in use.

Family Layout

You can put the children to bed in the rear and draw the curtain giving them a peaceful and quiet space while you relax upfront. The second double bed above the living area is ideal for the adults. It is a little bigger than the rear bed and has the same quality memory foam super flex mattress.

The Escape 4 sets the benchmark for design innovation. And to top it off, instead of building a separate over cab section for the second double bed, the clever German manufacturers slotted the second bed into the ceiling cavity so it’s tucked away when not in use. Because there’s no need for an over cab section, the Escape is sleek and aerodynamic. The eye-catching exterior is matched by an equally appealing interior designed for comfort, function, convenience, and performance. That’s just some of the many reasons why this motorhome will win the beauty pageant.

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The chassis has been specially designed for motorhome conversion so the body is wider than van conversions and the ride is much more comfortable. It's packed with clever European design features like the swivelling pilot seats, memory foam mattress, loads of cupboards and drawers, and a spacious bathroom that converts to a drying room.

Dedicated Bedroom Space

Instead of the traditional lounge converts to bedroom layout, the rear of the Escape is bedroom only. That means there’s no need to make up your bed at the end of the day. The bed is a thick and super comfortable cold foam super flex mattress so sleeping in late will be no problem.

European Flair and Comfort

The Escape has been imported directly from German manufacturer Buerstner, one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers in Europe. Their designs and manufacturing techniques are a source of inspiration to other manufacturers around the world. Each vehicle is designed and built with an incredible eye to detail and supreme comfort. The pilot seats in the front cab rotate to give you additional seating around the dining table, the windows are tinted and double-glazed for added warmth, and the lighting is all top-of-the-line LED. These details are standard in motorhomes built for private owners but virtually unheard of in a rental motorhome. Because the lounge doesn’t have to double as a bedroom, the inbuilt sofa is designed for seating comfort – not dual purpose seating and sleeping. That’s the key to the Escape – no compromises.

A Sanctuary on Wheels

The bathroom is the space in a standard campervan where the most trade-offs are made. It is typically a multi-functional space not much bigger than a cupboard. The Escape changes all that. The Escape bathroom is about twice the size of a standard campervan bathroom. The toilet is partitioned from the shower so the toilet seat doesn’t get wet while you’re showering.  There’s a large mirror and elegant storage for all your personal items. The Escape bathroom is a sanctuary you will never want to leave.

Four Season Camping

Unlike most motorhomes, the Escape is as comfortable in winter as it is in summer.  The full insulation, including insulated windows, plus the central gas and electric heating will keep you warm as toast when the weather gets cooler.  The centrally heated bathroom can be used as a drying room so there’s no need to hang your wet underclothes from the wing mirrors.

Low but not Slow

The Escape is a semi-integrated motorhome.  The semi-integrated or low-profile design is common in Europe but yet to be adopted by most New Zealand motorhome manufacturers.  It offers the extra space of a separate living compartment built on a wide-track chassis without the extra height and drag of the traditional cab over design. The upshot is a sleek aerodynamic motorhome that doesn’t body roll on New Zealand’s winding roads plus it has less wind resistance and therefore better fuel efficiency reducing carbon emissions.

It is built on a powerful Fiat Ducato 2.3L turbo diesel – the only vehicle specifically designed for campervan conversion. The 320N of torque will give you all the power you need to tackle any mountain pass. Now with automatic transmission, you can relax at the wheel or shift into sport mode for optimal performance. The cab has more room, more visibility, better ergonomics and functionality, more drawers and storage compartments, more shelves, more comfortable seats for driver and passengers, and less noise than motorhomes built on vehicles other than Fiat. The reversing camera helps you to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

More Functional Space

If there are just two of you travelling and you want more space than a standard two berth motorhome rental, the Escape is the ultimate choice. Unlike standard four berth motorhomes, the extra double bed tucks away into the ceiling cavity so the additional floor space isn’t taken up with beds. The extra space in the Escape is useable space - useable for the permanent double bed, indulgent bathroom and unbeatable storage. In fact, the rear storage compartment in the Escape is called the garage – for obvious reasons.

Travelling with Kids

You can use the back bed and let your little adventurer(s) sleep there. Then you can close off the bed with the curtains provided and you can use the seating area and the drop-down bed in the front of the vehicle for yourself. This is still a permanent bed which you will not need to make up every day. It just tucks away in the ceiling. It is actually the bigger sized bed in comparison to the back bed which is cut out to be able to open the door to the bathroom. This ensures you can use the seating area until you go to bed.

No Convenience Spared

The ‘super-size me’ scheme follows through to the kitchen. The extra width in the Escape allowed for an alcove kitchen layout which means the cook is not in the main walking area as in a traditional motorhome. There’s enough fridge/freezer capacity for a family of four plus all the conveniences you’d expect in a high end motorhome like gas cooker, microwave oven, pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery. 

  • Comprehensive insurance – including overhead and underbody damage (excess/deductible applies)
  • Transfers – from the airport or your airport hotel at the start and end of hire
  • Linen & bedding - including sheets, duvets (doonas), blankets, pillows, and as many towels and tea towels as you like
  • Kitchen equipment – Full gas bottle plus crockery, cutlery, cups, glasses, bowls, pots, pans, cooking utensils, coffee plunger, kettle, toaster, clothes hangers, line and pegs, dish cloth and brush, dustpan and brush, water refilling hose, toilet chemicals, toilet paper roll and fire extinguisher.
  • First aid kit - a small fee will apply
  • Touring assistance - including comprehensive touring atlas and 24 hour roadside assistance service
  • Taxes and fees - you pay no extra for extra drivers, cleaning, or one way hire
  • Scott Cook's NZ Frenzy guide books - Free downloadable PDF copy

Optional Extras

You can purchase numerous extras and accessories including liability reduction insurance, inter-island ferry tickets, outdoor table and chairs, snow chains, GPS navigation, camping guides, as well as baby seats and cots. Road User Charge Recovery Fee is included with Maxi Cover Insurance or take the All Inclusive Option and get zero excess (damage deduction), outdoor table and chairs, baby seats, snow chains, GPS navigation, DVDs, WilderNessts camping guide (loan copy), NZ Frenzy guide book (hard copy) as well as Road User Charges.

Vehicle: Fiat Ducato Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 6 speed auto
Safety: ABS, dual airbags, central locking
Dimensions: L 6.8m, W 2.3m, H 2.8m, internal height 2.0m
Capacity: 4 people
Vehicle age: 3  years
Upholstery:  Fabric 
Audiovisual: CD/DVD/MP3 player, iPod connection in driver's cab
Beds: Double (2.0 x 1.4m) and Double (2.1 x1.22m), both extra long
Cooking: 3 burner gas hob, convection oven
Fridge/Freezer: 130L fridge, 30L freezer
Heating: Gas/240V
Power: 240V mains, 12V battery, 12V to 240V inverter with USB connection
Toilet/shower: Combined bathroom with separate shower area
Water: 120L cold, 10L hot
Carbon Emissions: 180mg/km
Freedom Camping Certified: Yes

To see the complete specs for all our vehicles, download our Vehicle Specs PDF.

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