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Wilderness Extras & Accessories

Most accessories that other companies charge you extra for come standard with your Wilderness rental. Here are a few other items you may wish to add. Most extras and accessories listed here can be ordered when you book or when you complete My Booking page.

Liability Reduction

Reduce the insurance excess (deductible) you are liable for if the rental vehicle is damaged.

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Purchase tickets for the Cook Strait crossing between North and South Islands through us.

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Hardtail mountain bike as comfortable on the trails as on the road.

From NZ$20/day

WilderNessts Book

Guide to the best camping spots in New Zealand.

From NZ$80/hire

Camping chair


A lightweight folding chair. 



Portable GPS unit loaded with New Zealand maps.

NZ$7/day, max $200

Camping table


Compact table that folds away when not in use.


Onboard WIFI


Connect multiple devices from the comfort of your motorhome.   


Mobile Phone Handset

Stay in touch with family and friends or have a handset on standby for emergencies. 


NZ Frenzy Guide Books

Your guides to the off-the-beaten-path locations (North Island and South Island editions).

NZ$35 each


Short Easy Bike Rides

Make the most of your rental bikes.

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Portable barbecue

Portable Barbecue

Camping barbecue for cooking outdoors.


Baby High Chair

Compact high chair for easy eating and entertaining junior.

NZ$5/day, max $50

Baby Seat


Baby car seats and booster seats.

NZ$50 - $75

Baby Cot


Baby cots designed for travel.

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Snow chains


For extra traction in snowy conditions.


Million Metres Streams logo

Carbon Offset

Help offset carbon emissions by contributing to our waterways planting programme.

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Conservation Camping Pass

Conservation Camping Pass

Purchase your DOC Conservation Camping Pass online and save up to 70%.

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Portable Barbecue

If you want to get the most out of your wilderness experience, you'll need a portable barbecue. There's nothing better than cooking under the stars on a warm evening with your friends or family gathered around. The barbecue is supplied with its own gas (propane) bottle.
Not available with all campervan models.

GPS Navigation System

All our campervans and motorhomes come with a comprehensive touring atlas that includes detailed maps with campsites and points of interest marked, travel time and distance calculator, National Park visitor guide, as well as Department of Conservation campsite and motorhome dump stations listings.  It is a valuable navigational and activity planning resource.

You can also hire a portable GPS unit loaded with New Zealand maps.  The GPS will help you locate a specific spot you wish to navigate to as well as identify other points of interests, places to eat, refuel, visitor information and much more.  It’s particularly valuable for finding your way through the city, locating specific street addresses, and choosing exit and entry ramps to the highway.  It even has a speed camera detector if you’re prone to exceeding the limit.

Onboard WiFi

You can now get unlimited wireless internet in all our motorhomes (subject to coverage). Since you can connect all your devices to the onboard router, this is the easiest and most economical way to get connected while you’re on tour. You can even sit outside the motorhome while using your device as the router has a range of about 20 metres.

The router operates on the fixed long-range Rural Broadband Initiative network. You can connect to the internet anywhere you are within range of a tower. There's currently 480 towers located across the country and they provide 4G or 3G broadband speed (most towers are 4G enabled and the remaining continues to be upgraded). It works with any device that has inbuilt WiFi capability.

You can book and pay for WiFi on My Booking page.

Prepay Mobile Handset

If you don't want to bring your own mobile, you can purchase a prepay mobile handset and a blank SIM card for use in New Zealand only. The prepay mobile is ideal for light data, talk, and text users or for emergencies.

Vodafone prepay terms and conditions apply.

Carbon Offset Programme

There’s no getting away from the fact that motorhome rentals have an impact on the environment. On average, our motorhomes emit 192g of carbon into the atmosphere for every kilometre driven. That's 38kg per day if you drive 200kms.

So we've teamed up with the stream-bank planting programme, the Million Metres Streams (MMS). This environmental programme inspires community planting, enhances biodiversity and improves water quality, as well as offsetting carbon emissions. 

MMS was launched as a response to pressing issues of improving water quality, enhancing biodiversity and developing a call to action to protect and enhance waterways across New Zealand. 

Your contribution to the MMS programme is allocated to stream restoration projects. As the name suggests, the goal is to reach a million metres of planted stream banks and beyond.

Short Easy Bike Rides

This book lists safe and easy cycle routes for the whole family. Enjoy the outdoors at your own pace. Take a leisurely bike ride to a cafe, playground or picnic spot.

  • 52 leisurely rides
  • Traffic free and safe
  • 1–3 hours riding time
  • Maps included
  • $25 per book

NZ Frenzy Guide Books

The only guide books we recommend because they are about the off-the-beaten-track wonder spots that only the locals know about (as well as the best touristy places).  They are packed with details about places you’ll find wild life in their natural habitat, amazing geology, waterfalls, hot springs, and surreal sunsets you have all to yourself. North Island and South Island editions are available. Meet author Scott Cook.

Child Seats

New Zealand law requires all children under the height of 148cm to be seated in an approved child seat when travelling in a vehicle. We take our responsibilities further than meeting these minimum legal obligations.

We are committed to ensure your little ones are kept as safe as possible on their Wilderness adventure. That's why from 2015, we have introduced a new range of industry leading child seats. These seats incorporate the latest safety technology and meet the unique requirements of motorhomes. You can feel confident that your precious children are well protected while travelling in a Wilderness motorhome.

The table below indicates the best seat type for your child based on their height and weight:

Height  Weight   Seat type More Information 
19.3-47.4cm  2.3-18kg  Rear Facing Harness  Britax
78-148cm  up to 40kg  Forward Facing Harness  Britax
 up to 55kg  Forward Facing Booster  

Rear Facing Harness Seats

Forward Facing Harness SeatBuilt on a steel frame and equipped with the ClickTight Installation System, this seat is constructed around the latest in safety design, meaning you can be assured that your little one is protected. Aside from being extensively safe, this seat also is at the height of comfort. The plush foam padding and adjustable features ensure that every child will have as comfortable of a ride as you will during your campervan journey.

Forward Facing Harness Seats

Forward Facing SeatThe Clicktight Installation System allows you to easily achieve a safe and secure installation using the campervan's seat belt at all times. By using the inbuilt locking system, the seat is installed safe within seconds.  True Side Impact Protection provides deep side walls and a head restraint with energy-absorbing has been designed to keep your child safe and secure in a crash by significantly lowering the centre of gravity and reducing the forward movement of the child seat.

Forward Facing Booster Seaters

Booster seatYour child may think they're too big for a child seat but NZ law requires they are seated in an approved booster seat until they reach 148cm in height. We provide booster seats which can be used with the vehicle's seat belts to provide an additional level of safety for kids that still need that little extra cm while travelling.

Reserving a Child Seat

Just indicate you wish to add a child seat when you book, or update your booking online. 

Fitting the Child Seat in Your Motorhome

All members of our customer service team are highly trained to help you install child seats and answer any questions a caring parent might have. We will take care of the smallest explorers and ensure the whole family can travel without having to compromise on safety.

Baby High Chair

Our portable high chairs are compact enough to stow easily and can be used on the floor of the camper or strapped to a chair if you're eating out at a cafe or restaurant.

Bubble Cot

Even if you had sufficient baggage allowance to bring a travel cot from home, chances are it won't fit in our motorhomes. Most motorhomes have very restricted floor space so the standard travel cot is too big. Our bubble cot is specifically designed for travel. It fits easily in all of our motorhomes. Suitable for use from birth until approximately 18 months old. Here's a few other important details:

  • Child's maximum weight: 11.5kg
  • Child's maximum height: 82cm
  • Cot size at base: 60cm x 100cm
  • NZ$50 per hire

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