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Campervan Rental Insurance

Our insurance package is designed to be hassle-free. The daily hire charge includes comprehensive insurance cover so you can get motoring knowing that you are protected in the unfortunate event of an accident.


Our standard insurance covers you for accidental damage to the vehicle and any liability if the vehicle injures someone else or their property while you are driving it, as long as you're not negligent or irresponsible (for more details regarding insurance exclusions, see our terms and conditions). Unlike many other motorhome rental companies, we cover you for overhead and underbody damage (the most common accidents), single vehicle accident e.g. you reverse into a tree at a campsite, towing and recovery, as well as theft, fire and vandalism - pretty much everything.

Your Liability

If the vehicle is damaged, you are required to contribute to the cost of replacement or repair up to the excess (deductible) amount of NZ$7500. You can reduce the amount you need to contribute if you take one of our liability reduction options. Note that if there is more than one incident of damage, a separate excess applies for each incident.

Liability Reduction Options

The cost of the Liability Reduction Options depends on the cover option you choose. We offer the following options:

 Option  Daily Price  Your Liability6  Extras Included for Free
 All Inclusive  $69  $0 RUC1, GPS, outdoor table/chairs2, chains, 5x DVDs, toll road fees, luggage storage fees3, NZ Frenzy4,  WilderNesstsplus child seats and BBQ5
 Maxi Cover  $49  $450 RUC1
 Extra Cover  $29  $950  - - -
Standard Cover  $0  $7500  - - -

1 RUC is Road User Charges 
2 One camp table per vehicle, one camp chair per person
3 Luggage storage available for return hires only
4 Loan copy
5 BBQ not available in all vehicle categories
6 Excess applies per incident

We know that most Wilderness customers are very good drivers. Even if you have not had an incident for years it’s important to know that driving a campervan or motorhome in a foreign country (on the opposite side of the road for some) comes with considerably more risks than you would normally face at home. For that reason, the Wilderness team recommends you take one of our Liability Reduction Options so you enjoy peace of mind on your New Zealand road trip.

Why Take the All Inclusive Option?

If you select the All Inclusive option, you can be assured:

  • You won't have to pay an excess should your rental vehicle be damaged (subject to Terms and Conditions).
  • You get value for money. You don't have to pay an excess (deductible) should you damage the rental campervan PLUS you get loads of extras for free (RUC or Road User Charge Recovery Fee and GPS worth approximately $19 per day* as well as outdoor chairs and table, BBQ, 5 DVDs from our rental library, toll road fees, bag storage fee, and a hard copy of NZ Frenzy touring guide plus a loan copy of our WilderNessts Camping Guide worth more than $200 per hire).
*GPS at $7, RUC Recovery Fee $12 assuming average 200km travelled

Before You Choose

If you select Standard Cover, you should consider:

  • The rate of accidental damage in campervans is much higher than in cars because the campervan’s dimensions are different than a car’s dimensions.  
  • Road construction methods and the condition of NZ roads are more likely to cause damage to the vehicle than in many other countries. Loose gravel is common even on main roads.
  • A bond equivalent to the excess (deductible) amount is required at pick up. 
  • You may have to pay the daily rental rate for each day the vehicle is being repaired
  • Any costs to repair damage caused by a third party may not be recoverable as motor vehicle insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand and Australia. Approximately 250,000 drivers on New Zealand roads drive with NO insurance cover.
  • The excess must be paid at the time of the accident regardless of cover provided by an independent travel insurance policy.
  • Road User Charge Recovery Fee applies.

If you select Extra Cover:

  • Windscreen damage is very common. The average cost of windscreen chip repair is $60 and windscreen replacement is up to $1000.
  • Road User Charge Recovery Fee applies.

If you select Maxi Cover:

  • In addition to peace of mind knowing that your maximum liability in case of accidental damage to the campervan in no more than $450, you are not required to pay the Road User Charge Recovery Fee.

Please note that Wilderness’ insurance is null and void if any of the rental agreement terms are breached. For more information, check our terms and conditions.

You can select a Liability Reduction Option at the time of booking or at any time up to and including your motorhome pick up. Just make your selection on My Booking page. However, we strongly recommend you make your choice as soon as possible. If the All Inclusive option is selected on day of pick up, we cannot guarantee that all extra items are available due to other hirers' selections. If you’re not sure, just ask our Reservations team.  They’ll be happy to go through the options with you.


If you choose Standard Cover insurance, a bond of NZ$7500 is required when you collect your campervan or motorhome. This is to cover us should the vehicle be damaged or involved in an accident and if the conditions of hire that you sign are not satisfied eg the vehicle is not returned to the agreed location on the agreed date and time or is not fully refuelled. If you choose one of our Liability Reduction Options, the bond required is only NZ$500.

The bond is authorised when you add your signature to the rental agreement (we do not take a cash bond or hold money on your credit card). You need to ensure you have sufficient funds available on your credit card at pick up.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you also arrange your own travel insurance. This will cover you for other events such as illness, travel cancellation, delays or missed connections, lost or stolen or damaged personal items and travel documents, personal accidents, and personal liability. See the cancellation and amendment terms in our Terms and Conditions for more details.

terms & conditions
  • Unlike other motorhome vendors, we won’t deduct a bond from your credit card at pick up if you decide not to take our insurance
  • We don’t have a list of "restricted roads"
  • We don’t charge ridiculous administration fees

Download the full Terms & Conditions.

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