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Campervan Relocation

Campervan Relocation - The Adventure Starts Here

With bases in Christchurch and Auckland and no additional charge for travelling one way, we often have motorhomes that need to be relocated. If you're flexible with your travel plans and you want to save on expenses, you may be interested in one of our campervan relocation deals.

A relocation won't work for everyone. Before you check out our current offers, check whether a campervan relocation fits your needs.

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A relocation deal could work for you if:

Your plans are fairly last minute

Relocation deals are only available 3 - 5 weeks in advance of pick up date.

You plan to start or end your trip in Auckland or Christchurch

We don't have relocations available from any other cities.

You plan to travel for no more than 5 - 7 days

Bookings made on a relocation deal cannot be extended.

Your plans are flexible

You can only pick up or drop off on the dates specified in the published relocation deal. No other dates are available. Do not book a relocation deal if you MUST be at a certain place on a certain date. On rare occasions, we may need to withdraw the relocation offer and refund you after you have booked. This only happens if the vehicle cannot be relocated as planned.

You haven't budgeted to pay for fuel and a flight

Our relocation deals don't cover motorhome fuel for your trip or your return flight.

You agree to our special terms and conditions for relocations

You need to agree to our standard terms and conditions plus our special relocation terms and conditions before you can book a relocation deal.
Download standard terms and conditions
Download special relocation terms and conditions

Why Campervan Relocation Deals are such a Great Way to Save

Most medium to large campervan hire companies in New Zealand have a base in Auckland and Christchurch as more than 90% of all international visitors enter the country through one of these cities. About half of all campervan hires go one way between Auckland and Christchurch so it’s no surprise that from time to time, campervan hire companies end up with too many campervans in either Auckland or Christchurch. Some campervan hire companies pay professional drivers to do their campervan relocations and other smart companies (like us) offer you a great deal to do the campervan relocation for us. Campervan relocation deals (known as driveaway deals in the UK) are the ultimate way to save on your campervan hire. You can pick up a campervan relocation deal for as little as NZ$1/day.

If you’ve left your travel plans to the last minute, you can cash in on a campervan relocation deal. Often campervan relocations aren’t finalised until a couple of weeks before the relocation is required so if you’re flexible with your travel dates you can save big money.  

Take Advantage of our Pricing Policy with your Campervan Relocation Deal

Other companies may only charge you NZ$1/day to do a campervan relocation but they will sting you for lots of other extras you want such as linen, extra drivers, heaters or cleaning fees.  When you grab a Wilderness campervan relocation deal, you get all of these extras included in your extra special daily rate.

Save on Interisland Ferry Tickets with your Campervan Relocation Deal

It’s no secret, the cost of shipping your campervan across the stretch of water between the North Island and the South Island is not cheap.  The peak rates for a one way ticket for a campervan and two adults are as much as NZ$500 so if you could find a campervan relocation deal that includes interisland ferry costs, you’d be pretty pleased.  Our short term campervan relocation deals already include interisland ferry tickets for the vehicle and the driver.

Drive or Fly Back

Once you’ve done the campervan relocation, you can take a flight back to your starting location or pickup another campervan relocation deal.  Or if you’d rather not drive back, why not fly.  You can often pick up cheap airfares between Auckland and Christchurch if you’re able to fly at off-peak times (usually week days).  Check out for the best fares.  

Insurance on Campervan Relocation Deals

Standard insurance is included in all campervan relocation deals.  You are covered for accidental damage to the campervan and any liability if the campervan injures someone else or their property while you are driving it during the campervan relocation, as long as you're not negligent or irresponsible (for more details regarding insurance exclusions, see our terms and conditions).  An insurance excess or deductible of NZ$7500 applies. 

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